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Homeschooling In Georgia

Because this information is widely available, I will only include specific information about Floyd County and neighbors. I will provide links to other information available on the Internet. The Georgia home study code covers all counties in GA. For your protection and the protection of the homeschool community, you should make sure you follow the law and not provide additional information to your local school system that is not required by law.
NOTE! Effective July 1, 2013. The homeschool law has recently been changed and attendance no longer needs to be submitted to the local superintendant or State Board of Education. Also, parents have also been restored the authority to generate documents which verify that their home study program is in or has been in compliance with the Georgia home study law. Go to any of the locations below to read the home study law here in Georgia.
Homeschool Laws:

HSLDA - - Probably the most up to date information on homeschool laws in Georgia. Christian legal defense organization.

HEIR - - A non-partisan, non-sectarian, volunteer-only organization working to ensure that the people of Georgia and their government recognize home study, freely practiced in its diverse forms, as a legitimate choice and value it as a positive force for improving the quality of education. Website contains homeschooling laws, letter of intent forms and monthly attendance forms.

G.H.E.A - Georgia Home Education Association - Christian Georgia state wide organization. Forms are listed on their site as well.

Homeschool and Driver's Licensing

Georgia Code 40-5-22 - concerning driver's license requirements (Drug/alcohol course and not a high school drop-out) for any person under 18 years of age. Your child will need to take ADAP (Alcohol and Drug Awareness) which is an excellent course. This is available through the sheriff's department at no cost to you.   Currently it is being offered at Coosa Valley Technical College, Rome. From the Continuing Ed brochure: "Participants should bring their social security cards and picture IDs to class. Participants must attend both nights. Classes are held from 5:45 until 8:00 on two consecutive nights several times each quarter.  Please call 706-291-4111 ext 830 for dates and more information."

HEIR Article about Driver's License - Article about the new driver's law affecting home study programs.

Standardized Testing

Home study programs are required to do standardized testing every three years starting in 3rd grade.

HEIR information about Standardized Testing options.

G.H.E.A  - Information regarding the different tests. As a homeschool teacher, it is your choice of which test to select. How the test is administered depends on the testing organization. .Test suppliers are listed on the site. Many support groups do organize standardized testing in the spring.

Local Colleges in the Rome Area include:

Some home schooled students participate in joint/dual enrollment during their high school years. Check early (at least a year in advance) to see if this option is available to your student.

SAT and ACT college entrance Exams

The PSAT is usually take in the Sophomore or Junior year of high school, preferably the Junior year. If you are a home-schooled student, contact a principal or counselor at a local public or independent high school to make arrangements to take the PSAT/NMSQT at their school. Be sure to do so well in advance of the mid-October test dates, preferably during the previous June.

If you're a home-schooled student, your PSAT/NMSQT score report is sent directly to your home address. On the test day, when completing the basic information on the answer sheet, be sure to enter your state's homeschool code in the "school code" section. The test supervisor will provide this for you.


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